Description: 0.3mm Pitch ZIF Connector For FPC
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This ultra low-profile FPC connector with a mounting height of 1.0mm (.039") has a Double ZIF Flip-lock slider structure.







  • Ultra low-profile (1.0mm (.039") height) & adoption of Double ZIF structure

This 1.0mm (.039") height ultra low-profile connector has been designed for the LDP module of mobile phones. The Double ZIF mechanism provides easier FPC insertion, excellent durability and effective protection from wearing.

  • One-touch sliding operation of Molded Cover

After closing the cover, it should be pressed to slide so that it will be securely held by the enforcement tab.

This mechanism ensures that the cover remains closed even when the FPC is connected upwards.

  • Heat resistant design for surface mounting

It is designed for the reflowing process by using a heat resistant material for the housing.

  • Standards

UL Recognized E60389

  • RoHS Compliant