Description: JST Standard (Semi Automatic) Stripper Crimper Applicator for SIN-002T-1.0
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The JST strip-crimp standard applicator range of tooling has been designed specifically for use in the AP-K2N Power Press.
When installed in this press these applicators provide the facility to strip and crimp a wire in one operation.


  • Model No.: MKS-SC
  • Dimensions: 198(W) x 186(L) x 203(H)
  • Weight: 6.5Kg
  • Applicable Crimping Press: AP-K2(N)
  • Shut Height: 160.00mm
  • Stroke: 30mm
  • Operation Method: Touch Sensor


  • Additional spare parts available for immediate dispatch
  • Free training available on request


JST offer a complete range of applicators to suit all JST strip terminal products for rental or outright purchase, for rental terms and conditions please contact our Technical Services Dept.