Laboratory and Testing

Highest quality assured

At JST we believe that it is our solemn responsibility to our customers and to society to provide high-quality products that will be free of defect.

Our experienced Quality Assurance Department and Development Department work together to concurrently advance development projects in cooperation with the Production Department. This system enables us to examine products in development from various points of view and improve the quality of the product, which eventually strengthens our capability to provide products that meet and exceed our customers' requirements.

All JST products are vigorously tested to ensure that we meet our customers' high demands. Typical product testing would include;

- Mechanical Performance Test:- Tensile testing, Insertion and Withdrawal etc....
- Electrical Performance Test:- Contact Resistance, Dielectric Withstanding Voltage etc...
- Environmental Test:- Durability, Heat Aging, Thermal Shock etc.......

At JST Belgium NV we have a fully equipped laboratory and test facilities, which not only complements our design department with regards to the development of new and custom products, but also facilitates our tooling department with regards to the development and calibration of application equipment.

Our facilities include;

1) Vibration tester : vibration tests on connectors to measure current discontinuity.
2) Shock tester : repeatable shock tests to measure current discontinuity.
3) Tensile machine : To analyse push & pull, insertion & withdrawal forces, mechanical endurance and cycle tests.
4) Micro-ohm meter : To measure contact resistance
5) Micro-ohm meter : (dry circuit test) To measure contact resistance before & after environmental tests.
6) Dielectrimeter : Measuring insulation resistance before & after environmental tests.
7) Dielectric strength tester : To conduct test for high voltages.
8) Salt Spray : To conduct corrosion test.
9) Climate chamber : To conduct heat aging tests and humidity test.
10) Thermal chamber : To conduct thermal shock test.
11) Solder ability tester : To conduct solder ability test and resistance to soldering heat test.
12) Incubator : To conduct gas test.
13) Cross cut machine : To make cross sections
14) Microscope + imaging processor : To analyze cross sections and material surfaces, measuring layer thickness.
15) Automatic/semi automatic 3-dimensional measurements based on a video camera system.
16) X-ray : To measure coating thickness on plated contacts and terminals.
17) Measuring microscope : To conduct manual dimensional measurements.
18) Profile projector : To conduct manual dimensional measurements.
19) Microscope : To view pieces
20) Electronic precision balance : Weighing with high accuracy.
21) Manual measuring equipment : To conduct manual measurements with different equipment.
22) XRF equipment : To analyse composition of material via X-ray.

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