Description: 2.54mm Pitch Board-in IDC
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The RC connector is a board-in type insulation displacement connector for 1.27mm (.050") pitch ribbon cables. The number of positions match the RA disconnectable connector series so that they can be used as a pair on opposite ends of a harness.







  • Low profile with high-density mounting 

The RC board-in connector has a low profile with a mounting height of 6.8mm (.268") and a width of 6.54mm (.257"). It allows 2.54mm (.100") pitch grid wiring for high density.

  • Use with an RA connector 

This connector and a RA disconnectable connector can be used as a pair on opposite ends of a harness to reduce costs and mounting space. 

  • Two kinds of plating 

The contact comes in gold and tin-plated versions.

  • Standards

UL Recognized E60389

CSA Certified LR20812

  • RoHS Compliant