Description: 2mm Pitch Disconnectable IDC
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Multi-harness of CK connector (2.0mm (.079")) and CZ connector (1.5mm (.059")) combination has been realized. The in-line type IDC features low profile design with 6.9mm (.272") mounting height and 4.8mm (.189") thickness (top entry type).






  • UL10272 wire is applicable

UL10272 wire has come to be applicable for 2.0mm (.079") pitch IDC that enables to make multi-harness such a the combination of CK connector (2.0mm (.079") pitch) and CZ connector (1.5mm (.059") ptich). Selection of various connectors is possible.

  • Folded beam double-leaf contact construction

The contact springs are folded to increase their effective strength. This design provides a safety margin that allows the contacts to endure the distortion of misinsertion without being permanently distorted.

  • Twin U-slot insulation displacement section

The insulation displacement section connected to the wire consists of two tin-plated slots (twin U-slot) for high reliability.

  • Strain relief

The strain relief feature prevents stress caused by vibration, impact or bending from effecting the insulation displacement connection. This is accomplished by holding the outside of the wire with the insulation gripping device on the housing. To protect circuit integrity from vibration and undue tension, ample clearance is provided between the insulation displacement connection and the strain relief.

  • Standards

UL Recognized E60389

CSA Certified LR20812

  • RoHS Compliant