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FJ-V CONNECTOR (2.0mm Pitch) 2mm Pitch Board-to-Board Connector
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The FJ board-to-board connector absorbs lateral and longitudinal alignment errors thanks to an innovative new design that provides flexible connection between closely spaced circuit boards.

Added advantages are simplified and less stringent packaging specifications for board-to-board connections and a higher quality end product.





  • Flexible connection absorbs circuit board misalignment

After the plug and header are mounted on adjoining boards, an extended hinged connection between them offers greater flexibility. The hinge compensates for slight misalignments between circuit boards to assure a secure connection even if the boards are out of line up to 1.0mm (.039").

  • Provides a low profile mount and allows connection after mounting

This compact, low profile design features 2.0mm (.079") pitch and slim 6.0mm (.236") mounting height. Board-to-board connection is easier because the connection can be made after the installation of the connector mounted printed circuit boards.

  • Assures a reliable connection

Superior reliability is assured even when the assembly is subjected to external stress and vibration. This sturdiness is due to a secure locking device and the use of JST's highretention zigzag fork contacts.

  • Standards

UL Recognized E60389

CSA Certified LR20812

  • RoHS Compliant

01 - Connection Type: Printed Circuit Board Connectors
02 - Product Type: Board to Board Connectors
03 - Pitch / Style: 2.00mm
04 - Current rating: 1.0A AC,DC
05 - Voltage rating: 50V AC,DC
06 - Temperature range: -25 to +85 Degrees Celsius
07 - Available number of circuits: 11 to 15
13 - PCB Mount Style: Through-hole Technology (THT)

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